Paresh Dave

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Reach me at or +1-415-565-1302 on WhatsApp, Signal (iOS or Android) or Telegram.

Personal inquiries can be directed to

Snail mail to Paresh Dave WIRED 520 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107.

Always happy to help mentor young journalists, exchange ideas with anyone, and be helpful as I can be.

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Rules of the road

My protocols for engaging with people providing story ideas:

--I will go to the mat to protect your anonymity and confidentiality if you request it and it's clear that you're reaching out about a sensitive topic.

--I will generally double-check every detail with you before publishing them to the world to make sure we're on the same page. I can't share drafts or previews, but I can walk you through what's coming so that there are no surprises. If there is an unfortunate miscommunication or clear error of fact, I will transparently correct the issue in consultation with my managers.

--I am always available to address questions and concerns and help think through possible courses of action but I can't provide legal advice or direct your actions.

--I cannot pay you, but I am happy to meet in person and buy you a coffee or a meal to discuss information pertinent to story.

--I am interested in the stories that make your friends spit our their coffee or beer when you tell them. Whether simple or complex, whether it feels minor or huge, chances are I'll find it worthwhile to know what you know. Having documents, screenshots, or other evidence to back up your story definitely helps.

--You may consider reviewing guides from the Freedom of the Press Foundation and The Signals Network on working with journalists.

Please do check out my latest stories to get a flavor of my work.